My processor temp shouldent exceed 38c book says my celeron

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wholesale jerseys Attorney general cheap jerseys, the sources say wholesale jerseys wholesale jerseys, a post that Christie reportedly coveted. Sources also told NJ Advance Media that Christie did not consider any of the jobs offered to him to be a good fit. Rebecca. Btw im only asking so many posts because i thought the original celeron chip that was in it was slow and couldent multitask like a real pentium because ive always herd the genuine pentuim chips were faster and made with stronger parts and had better cooling but idk anyways im sure someone will say i could have bought a different chip for 99 bucks that would have been faster then the p4. My processor temp shouldent exceed 38c book says my celeron was running hot at one point was always hitting 38c with fan racing up then down during online flash pages now im running at almost steady 34c with this new chip and power supply with a turbo fan. Since my celerons max temp meaning tha hottest it should get is 38 does that mean i gotta atleast keep this new processor at 37c or below to be safe from overheat???. wholesale jerseys

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